The Columbus American Register surveyors proceed with ship’s surveys in order to issue the relative certificate of Class Hull & Machinery of any vessel under every flag as this type of certificate is not Governmental and issued for insurances purposes only.

Num List of Statutory Certificates Num List of Statutory Certificates
1 International Load Line (1996) 16 Fitness of Cargo Gear
2 Cargo Ship safety Construction 17 Seaworthiness
3 Cargo Ship Safety Equipment 18 Towage Survey
4 Record Of Equipment for the cargo ship safety equipment 19 International Sewage Pollution Prevention
5 Cargo Ship Safety Radio 20 Garbage Pollution Prevention
6 Record of Equipment for the Cargo Ship Safety Radio 21 International Pollution Prevention for the carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk
7 International Oil pollution Prevention 22 Document of Compliance
8 Supplement to the International Oil Pollution Prevention 23 Safety Management
9 International Tonnage (1969) 24 Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan Approval
10 Passenger Ship Safety 25 Instant Stability File Approval
11 Record of Equipment for the Passenger Ship Safety 26 Document of Authorization for the Carriage of Grain
12 International Fishing Vessel Safety 27 International Ship Security
13 Record of Equipment for the International Fishing Vessel Safety 28 International Air Pollution Prevention
14 Exemption 29 Statement of Compliance
15 Annual General Inspection for Pleasure Yacht


The Columbus American Register is a classification society who is co-operating with several flag Administrations and/or Governments and with other classification societies to issue, upon satisfactory completion of the relative surveys, the appropriate statutory certificates of any vessel flying one of the here-below mentioned Flags:

  • MONGOLIA (**)
  • PANAMA (*)
  • TOGO

* Authorized through INSB & OMCS

** Authorized on Case by Case basis

Also the Columbus American Register can perform surveys in order to issue the relative statutory certificates of any vessel flying a Flag not listed above on a basis of a case by case authorisation-permission which may be taken by the ship owners from the relative Flag Administrations or Port Authorities.

Such inspections have been executed and issued the relative statutory certificates of ships flying the Flag of Russia-Ukraine-Lebanon-Syria e.t.c.

The Columbus American Register surveyors worldwide, proceed to ship’s surveys in accordance with the rules and regulations of the inspections of vessels issued by Columbus American Register and with any others specific instructions may be given by Columbus American Register Technical Head Office.

Upon Satisfactory completion of ship’s surveys by the attending ship’s surveyor the relative statutory certificates are issued provisionally by him and all the surveys reports duly completed plus other supporting documents are forwarded to the