Columbus American Register can review and approve plans , manuals and booklets on behalf of our global administration as it may be required by regulations. Please contact to our central office for further information.

 List of plans to be approved:

  • Safety Management System (S.M.S)
  • Ship’s Security Plan (S.S.P.)
  • Ship’s Security Assessment (S.S.A.)
  • Cargo Securing Manual
  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Fire and Safety Plan
  • Stability Booklet
  • Garbage Management Plan
  • Others as requested

Columbus American Register provides a wide range of technical assessments and engineering studies & approvals, including:

Engineering services:

  • Intact & damage stability analysis
  • Carriage of bulk noxious substance
  • Grain stability calculations
  • Stability & loading manuals

Technical services:

  • Technical consulting regarding ships and offshore unit installations
  • Tonnage measurements and certification

Compliance review: ·

  • Drawings and specifications
  • Independent systems
  • Optimization services