A specific department of Columbus American Register Head Office has as his purpose to intercede between the flag Administrations of the respective countries and Shipowners in order to resolve any problem, assist and help them specially in the here-below administrative matters :

- Registration and/or Deletion of any vessel and issuance of provisional or permanent Registration certificate and Deletion certificate respectively.

- Issuance of ship’s Radio License certificate and Minimum Safe Manning certificate.

- Formation & Registration of a Shipowning Company and issuance of company’s documents or Purchase of any available ready off-shore company.

- Issuance of Good-Standing certificate of a Shipowning company and/or Change of Directors of any company.

- Issuance of Transcript of Register of any vessel Registration or Deletion of a ship’s Mortgage and issuance of the appropriate documents.

- Change of a ship’s Name and/or Shipowners and re-issuance of the relative ship’s documents.

- Exemption or relaxation from any requirements of the IMO International